How is Kanban Used in Production Control?

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      Mike Wilson

      The more I learn about Kanban the more it seems that it can do. People talk about how Kanban can be used to help with workflow, just in time manufacturing, improved efficiency, and much more. Recently I saw someone who wrote about using Kanban as a key part of their production control planning, and this seemed interesting. While I can certainly see how it could be used alongside an overall production control system, I’m not sure how Kanban would be a key element. Have any of you used Kanban in this way? If so, how effective was it? How did you implement this type of system?

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      Tony Ferraro

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, we have used the Kanban method and it has helped us tremendously. Having Kanban implemented can help control and manage your WIP. If you can control your WIP, your production will increase. We had one particular assembly line that was overloaded and causing a bottleneck in our assembly area. Therefore, we needed to implement Kanban in our proviso assembly lines to let them know when to start and stop certain areas of the assembly line. After the implementation and doing some time studies we were able to decrease the WIP and increase production. We even eliminated overtime.

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