What are Kanban Bins?

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      Mike Wilson

      I believe that I understand the Kanban system, and can see how it could be beneficial in the facility where I work. That being said, however, I’m not really sure I understand what Kanban bins are and why they are needed. Would these only be for small parts/supplies such as screws, nails, and other similar items? Or are there all different size bins that could hold larger items? Or are Kanban bins just a concept that can represent either an actual physical bin, or just a location where supplies are kept? I hope this all makes sense!

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      Tony Ferraro

      Great question! Kanban bins can be any size and used for any type of business. I have seen Kanban bins used at the hospitals, IT offices, coffee shops, pharmacies, auto mechanics, and of course manufacturing facilities. Many businesses use these bins to hold and manage their inventory. Depending on how advanced the company processes and computer systems are, they may even have barcodes so when the inventory reaches a minimum qty the employee will scan the barcode which triggers a PO to be created for purchasing. Kanban is a great tool to control inventory and cost. Hope this helps.

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